SPM was founded in 1954 near Lake Maggiore as a small family business that produced authentication and product certification seals (hence the acronym SPM, Seals in Plastic and Metal).

The major turning point came in 1978, when the Berutti family’s passion for skiing led the company to enter the market of winter sports equipment. In the world of skiing, SPM has always given passion, expertise and quality: the needs of customers became new research, new production processes and ultimately new and innovative products.

Thanks to the efforts and working “shoulder to shoulder” with customers, most of the innovations related to safety and competitive techniques introduced in the last 35 years have seen the light in the factory in Brissago.

One of the most important changes put into operation by SPM is the flexible pole: tested in 1979 on the Gran Risa by Ingemar Stenmark and recognized as a revolutionary tool, it has been proven all over the world thanks to the collaboration with Oreste Peccedi, historic coach of the “Valanga Azzura” in the days of Gustav Thoni. The flexible pole has changed the history of skiing techniques, allowing athletes to bring the trajectory curve closer to the pole and making ski racing safer, regular and spectacular.

SPM products are now on the ski slopes all over the world and are used for the most prestigious events in the world of skiing, such as the Olympics, the races of the World Cup and the World Ski Championships.

The SPM product range has expanded. The constant changes related to training and competitions alternate with those concerning the safety on the slopes and, last but not least, the tools for teaching skiing.

Passion, research and innovation guarantee quality and reliability in all SPM products.


SPM believes in its customers and their goals. Professionalism, technical training and passion for sports of those who work in SPM guarantee growth and customer satisfaction.

The constant fieldwork and research in the laboratory have created new and revolutionary products. In addition to the historic flexible pole there is the “Gold tube” pole, equipped on the top with a patented insert that withstands the impact of the athlete, and the Brush Grip patented tip, light and easy to use alternative which makes simple and fast the insertion and extraction of the pole in the snow, also without a key.

SPM considers quality the basic element of their company policy, the principle is applied not only to production processes, but to human relationships, and the surrounding environment. SPM is now the only company in the industry with quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001 and environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001.


The complete production process of SPM products takes place inside the company in Brissago.

The products within SPM are first designed and then developed thanks to the synergy of modern machinery and the watchful eye of employees. This allows them to be independent, personalise products and check their quality, responding quickly and flexibly to new demands


The headquarters of SPM is in Brissago Valtravaglia, in the province of Varese near the Lake Maggiore. Immersed in the idyllic “green lung” of the pre-Alps it is easily reached from Milan (about 80km) and Switzerland (Lugano is less than 30km away).

The company has over 200 employees and is focused on three sectors: automotive (emblems, seals and plates), fashion (brand identification) and sport.

Many collaborators and foreign dealerships enable SPM to expand onto the mountains all around the world. SPM is therefore in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.