A few days after the conclusion of the Alpine World Ski Championships 2019, we take stock of the event.

🏅The first four nations classified usually train with SPM equipment: Switzerland, Norway, USA and Austria.

🏅Among the 30 assigned individual medals, 24 belong to athletes that use SPM slalom poles: in the men’s rankings there are Hirscher, Kristoffersen, Schwarz, Hadalin, Jansrud, Svindal, Kriechmayr and Matt. In the women’s rankings there are Shiffrin, Vonn, Vlhova, Rebensburg, Stuhec, Mowinckel, Holdener and Suter.

🏅We especially celebrate those athletes which choose SPM every day for private trainings: Henrik Kristoffersen and Petra Vlhova are our favorite champions.

🏅For the team event, 3 nations in the first 5 classified are using SPM: Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

We are also proud to have been Official Supplier of the big event.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why we are feeling Alpine World Ski Championships 2019 so close to us!