Beijing 2022 – tour of the ski slope

With the cancellation of the first Alpine Ski World Cup races scheduled on the Yanqing slopes in January 2020, curiosity about the newly created racing venues is strong as athletes imagine what they would have faced this year: “How does Yanqing compare to other venues on the World Cup?”,  “Are there any unique or challenging features to prepare for?”…

While we cannot tell you about the secrets we learned during the course of our work at Yanqing last summer and fall, we can show you a brief video shot during the Chinese National Winter Games 2020.  From the air, the slopes and facilities look impressive.

Last year from June to November 2019, the SPM Safety Team installed the permanent safety systems on the slopes at Yanqing that will be used for speed disciplines during the 2022 Winter Olympics.  SPM is proud of the final installation that was undertaken in close collaboration with the IOC, ROC and FIS.  The numbers involved are impressive:

  • 230 SPM engineered A-Net Support Towers
  • 9,000 m of A-Net (9km/5mi)

SPM is also proud to be the supplier of a variety of other on-hill equipment for the Yanqing venue that will be used at both pre-Olympic and Olympic events:

  • 15,000m SPM B-Net (15km/9mi)
  • 9,000 SPM B-Net Poles
  • 500m of BC-Nets
  • 2,500 of C-Nets
  • 400pcs Padded Protection
  • 800m SPM Air-Pads (110pcs)
  • 1,400 SPM Slalom Poles
  • 430 SPM World Cup Safety Panels

SPM and its world-wide network of distributors is committed to safety in ski racing and proud to partner with events big and small all over the globe. 

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