Imola autodromo Multidensity
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Moto: protection devices

Protection devices for moto circuits

Many international circuits use SPM material for the protection of the runs, guaranteeing safety and security of athletes during training and competitions.
SPM protective devices are available in various sizes in Air Pads and Energy Absorber model. Tested by the CSI of Bollate (IT) and by the CCR_FIM of Bureau, SPM mats are FIM homologated as Type A, Type B and Type C protection devices.

The ongoing collaboration with international federations and national teams help us find excellent, trustworthy and advantageous solutions.

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Materassi AIR PADS


SPM Air Pads are Type-A protection devices, certified with FIM-CCR homologation (Fédération International de Motocyclisme). They’re easy to set up and to maintain, are used to protect dangerous areas of circuits wich require the highest standard of safety for pilots and rides.

Dimension: 800 x 130 x 130 cm   Cod. 370301
* other dimensions on request

TYPE A Energy Absorber
Energy Absorber Type-A matts are high impact absorption and satisfy the FIM’s requirements.
They are comparable in efficacy to Air Pads mats, they are used to protect dangerous areas of the circuits but they can be left permanently along the circuit.

250 x 120 x 130 cm, 60 kg  Cod. 370083
*other dimensions on request

TYPE B Energy Absorber

Type-B matts are high absorption matts which satisfy the requirements of FIM.
They’re less protective than Air Pads and Energy Absorber Type-A but they still constitute a great permanent protection for all sports fields that require a smaller size protection devices maintaining a good absorption capacity.

Dimension: 250 x 110 x 60 cm, 35 kg Cod. 370086
*other dimensions on request


TYPE C Energy Absorber

Type-C matts are high absorption mats which satisfy the requirements of FIM and are perfect for the permanent installation of the circuits. They’re a great substitute to hay bales for the circuits.

Dimension: 250 x 110 x 30 cm, 18 kg Cod. 370087
*other dimensions on request