SPM mattresses are designed to guarantee the greatest possible safety in every situation: the range of SPM mattresses is very wide, and adapts perfectly to protection of the various types of obstacle.

All SPM mattresses are covered with high resistance PVC, smooth or anti-slip (on request), and are available in the standard colour, yellow, or, on request, in orange, red, blue and green.

SPM mattresses are categorised primarily on the basis of the material they are made of:

Mattresses in TS10

Made up of sheets and cylinders in polyethylene, with a thickness of 4 cm, glued together, they are light (more than 35% lighter than traditional mattresses) and easy to transport.

At the same thickness, a mattress in TS10 absorbs twice as much as a traditional mattress in foam rubber, and reduces the risk of injury (and, consequently, of lawsuits).

With the same energy absorption, a mattress in TS10 takes up half the volume of mattresses in foam rubber; as a result, is easier to manage and to put away after use.

The polyethylene padding absorbs a quantity of water that is equal to 0.1% of its weight (foam rubber absorbs 98%), which prevents damage due to water freezing. This guarantees greater safety, and makes it longer-lasting.

These mattresses come in the following, “standard” shapes: rectangular, circular, semi-circular and folding. The shapes and dimensions can vary depending on the client’s needs.

Mattresses in foam rubber

SPM mattresses are available in various shapes and dimensions, and have an interior of high density foam rubber (21 kg/m3), with double bonding.

Depending on the needs and the requests, they can be fixed using holes along the two long sides, around the whole perimeter, or using Velcro.

The mattresses in foam rubber are available in the following shapes: rectangular, circular, semi-circular, folding, trapezoidal, spear cover, U-shaped, with hydrant cover. The shapes and dimensions can vary in accordance with the client’s needs.

Mattresses in the Air Pads range

The highly absorbent mattresses in the Air Pads range are the best solution available to dampen the impact of an athlete in the event of a fall. The low-pressure air contained in the protection system guarantees protection, and, when knocked, dissipates the energy.

The special design of the mattress means that knocks are absorbed by the whole of its surface.

The mattresses are tested in the SPM laboratory, and subsequently in CSI in Bollate, near Milan, the centre where crash-testing of Formula 1 cars is carried out; they are perfect for protecting athletes during the World Cup competitions.

The mattresses in the Air Pads range are easily anchored to the ground, using special poles and, thanks to the Velcro applied to the front, can be customised with the addition of PVC advertising materials.

Air Pads mattresses can be:

– for the arrival area, suitable for making safe the breaking space at the end of the piste, normally used for the arrivals of the World Cup, Olympics and other important events. Thanks to the motorised inflation system, they are quick to put up and keep their internal pressure constant, thereby ensuring maximum protection in the event of impact:

– for the piste, used to protect pylons and TV structures along the competition run, these can also be customised in accordance with specific needs and critical characteristics;

– for cameramen and photographers; because of their special shape, they allow cameramen to have a wide field of view, and to work in complete safety.

Multidensity mattresses

Thanks to the combination of foam rubber sheets connected to each other by transversal elements and the resulting formation of air chambers with highly effective dampening of shock energy, Multidensity mattresses ensure absorption equal to that of air mattresses, but they require no maintenance or inflation systems. As a result, they are very suitable for the permanent protection of dangerous courses travelled at high speed. Designed with special transportation handles, and with lower sliding cloth, they are covered with PVC and are fixed to the ground using suitable fixing poles.

The following models of the Multidensity mattresses, which are all CRR-FIM approved, are available:

– Type A, thickness, 120 cm;

– Type B, thickness, 60 cm;

– Type C, thickness, 30 cm.

All Multidensity mattresses can be customised in accordance with the client’s needs.