The first hinged slalom poles were created in the SPM research laboratories; they were patented in 1979 and tested by the great Ingemar Stenmark. From then onwards, there were a series of improvements and new inventions, until the arrival of the revolutionary Brush Grip tip, in 2008.

Our poles have always been used for important events (the Olympics, World Cup, World Ski Championships) and minor competitions; our poles are tested directly in the field, by athletes who are members of the best national teams, and partners of SPM.

Today, SPM poles are an integral part of competition skiing, and are synonymous with quality and reliability.

Our range of poles varies primarily in terms of the tube diameter (25, 27, 29 and 30 mm) and the type of joint:

– metal, guaranteed for 2 years, for the poles in the World Cup Gate PLATINUM line, which have a diameter of 30 mm, and in the Professional Gold line, which have a diameter of 27 mm;

– plastic, guaranteed for 2 years, for poles with a diameter of 30 mm, like those of the Olimpic Club PLATINUM line, with a diameter of 27 mm, like the Trainer 27 PLATINUM, and with a diameter of 25 mm, like the Trainer 25;

– unjointed, which have a diameter of 25, 30 and 35 mm.

Another element that differentiates the SPM poles is the tip, which comes in the following versions:

smooth tip, 36 cm long

Snow Grip tip, which is also known as a “screw” tip, available with a length of 34 cm, or in the short version, of 26 cm

Brush Grip tip, an innovative anchoring system (SPM patented), which consists of bristles that attach themselves to the snow and prevent the pole from coming out. The Brush grip tip is available with a length of 33.5 cm, or in the short version, of 27.7 cm.

The tubes of the PLATINUM line (either 27 or 30 mm in diameter) are guaranteed for 6 months: they are made of special, polycarbonate-based plastics, and are strengthened with a special insert placed at the top, which dampens the vibration variations and thereby reduces the number of breaks.

The poles in the PLATINUM line also have a special mark, which indicates the recommended minimum height for the correct positioning of the fabric. This saves time when fitting the fabric and provides greater safety during the competition and during training.

All of the poles are available in the colours blue, red and fluorescent orange; the 27 mm diameter poles come in other fluorescent colours; orange, green, pink and purple. They can be seen also in poor visibility conditions, and when combined with the SPM fluorescent fabric, they make up the fluorescent gate (used in the orange colour, for DH competitions in the World Cup).

SPM poles can be customised, using the new coloured sheaths, on which the logo of the ski club or of the event can be printed. The sheaths, which are available for the 25, 27 and 30 mm poles, are used in competitions and in training, and are approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), as an addition that increases safety.

Poles designed especially for children have been added to the SPM range:

– Boy-35, mini poles in rubber, with a maximum height of 85 cm, made of soft plastic (available with a smooth, Snow Grip or Brush Grip tip);

– Grand Prix Slalom poles, with a diameter of 25 mm, height of 160 cm above the snow, specifically for the novice category (available with Snow Grip or Brush Grip tip);

– Grand Prix Slalom Race poles, a more robust version of the Grand Prix Slalom that is more appropriate for use in competition;

– Grand Prix giant gates, designed especially for the baby and novice categories, consisting of 2, poles, height above the snow, 130 cm (fixed pole and jointed pole) and a fabric that measures 40 x 34 cm;

brushes and compound mushrooms, in soft, accident prevention rubber, useful teaching tools for indicating compulsory ways, or for giving reference points in free skiing.

Last, but not least, the Snowboard poles, which are made of the same rubber as the Boy-35 pole, but with a diameter of 60 mm, and are available with Snow Grip or Brush Grip tips.