SPM has a qualified team specialized to solve the problems related to the safety on the ski slopes with fixed A-type structures:
–  support and advice in choosing type-A structure based on the customer needs and conditions of danger, the type of obstacle, the morphology of the terrain and the average speed of the stretch
– rendering service
– supply of the highest quality material at an advantageous price
– installation of the structure with the possibility of “turnkey” delivery, ready for the winter season
– seasonal maintenance and technical advices over time
For more information, browse the Ski Restort Catalog here.

Based on different types of anchors – studied on the ground and on the runway – SPM offers the following Type-A structures:
– Vela pole
– Vela Light pole
– TR post
– Latticetower pole
– BP post
– Straight pole
– C-post
– Lamp pole
– Fibra pole

The protection nets for structures Type-A are made of high-resistance polyethene (PEHD) with waterproof treatment and UV stabilization. Nets are hand knotted with 12 mm braid perimeter border and provided with nylon rates fixed at the corners.

The nets are also available in the certificate version thanks to a deterioration and wear control service. We offer – on request – laboratory tests on tensile strength, absorbed energy, the influence of UV exposure of the networks previously supplied.


The SPM networks can be mounted with an air cable fixed directly to the head of the poles (with or without zig-zag) or using the SPM Safety system: a suspension cable hooked to the air cable and moved with the use of winches fixed directly on the pole at man’s height. The possibility to modify the height of the net simply moving the winch, allows a quick and safe installation. The use of zig-zag and special pulleys – on request – ensures greater shock absorption in case of impact.

The anchors on the ground of the steel cable can be made with Duckbill or with plastic plates (nylon) positioned directly under the snowpack.