Summer Training


Designed to draw asphalt training runs, highly durable.


Composed of a 25mm diameter tube, lightweight and easy to carry.
Resistant to impact with asphalt due to the upper cover made of soft material.
The special joint allows you to adjust the angle of the pole as the inclination of the road changes, thus achieving a perfect vertical position.
Cod. 34116


Thanks to the total high of 85 cm and the composition of extremely flexible plastic, it does not require the use of guards on the lower limbs.
The special articulation at the base allows the pole’s tilt to be adjusted as the slope of the road changes, resulting in a perfect upright position.
Cod. 341170


Made of plastic, consisting of a fastening plate ( provided with 4 holes that allow fixing to the ground by screws) and an inclined ring nut (allows adjusting the angle of the pole according to the slope).
Cod. 34118 for STREET pole
Cod. 34118-H for STREET HERO pole


Used flat during “dry” training. Total height of 122 cm, with graduated rod and weighted base.

Cod. 3308