Moto & Bike Protection devices

Hight absorption mats for racing circuits.

We offer a wide range of products for motorbike and bike track protection. Our safety devices, carefully studied and developed in-house, are tested and controlled according to strict parameters dictated by FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) and crash-tested at accredited centres such as Impact Laboratory in Zaragoza and CSI in Bollate.

In the design and production of protective mats, all processes gain in value: we pay the utmost attention to the choice of raw materials and details during production.


Air Pads are type A protection systems certified with FIM/CCR (Fédération International de Motocyclisme) approval. They are easy to install and maintain mats used to protect dangerous areas of circuits where the highest standards of rider safety are required. Each mattress, made of electro-welded PVC material, consists of two main chambers (one front and one rear) and secondary chambers located on the inside. The Air Pads are divided into:

  • type A “Inflated”, with the inflation system disconnected;
  • type AA “Permanently inflated”, with the inflation system permanently connected.

At the front of the pads, there is a PVC sheet that prevents – in the event of impact – the pilots from passing underneath the mattress.

Cod. 370301
Dimension: 800Lx130Hx130P cm
Weight: about 100 kg 



Multidensity Energy Absorber mats (high-absorption mats) are perfect for protecting permanent obstacles and are maintenance-free. Multidensity mats are FIM (Fédération International de Motocyclisme) approved and are available in various sizes and thicknesses.
The Multidensity Energy Absorber mats have an inner construction of foam rubber, covered by a self-extinguishing PVC outer shell. The special internal construction with specific air chambers ensures high absorption performance. The upper part is sloping to prevent the accumulation of water in case of rain, while the side velcro flaps allow a perfect connection between several modules or mats. At the front there is a reinforced PVC net that prevents – in case of impact – the passage of riders under the mattress itself.
SPM mats are supplied complete with attachment systems to support poles or existing structures. SPM mats are equipped with tear-proof aramid fibre side handles to facilitate transportation and manual positioning.



Comparable in effectiveness to Air Pads, they are used to protect dangerous areas of circuits where the highest safety standards are required and can be left permanently along the circuit. Highly shock-absorbent mats that meet FIM requirements.

Cod. 370083

Dimension: 250Lx130Hx120P cm

Weight: about70 kg circa



They provide excellent permanent protection for all sporting environments that require a small footprint while maintaining a high absorption capacity. Highly shock-absorbent mats that meet the requirements of the FIM.

Cod. 370086

Dimension: 250Lx110Hx60P cm

Weight: about 30 kg



Perfect for permanent installation along the circuit, they are a fitting replacement for the “hay bales” whose use has been banned from 2018. High shock-absorption mattresses that meet the requirements of the FIM.

Cod. 370087

Dimension: 250Lx110Hx30P cm
Weight: about 18 kg


Heat-sealed PVC-coated foam mats, customised with digital printing. Other shapes and sizes available on request in our catalogue.



Energy Absorber Type A safety mat with front hole for photocell: used at the timing line. Standard front hole size of 40x50cm, other sizes available on request. With a self-extinguishing PVC cover over the high shock absorption mats. A PVC net on the underside prevents riders from passing under the mattress in the event of an impact. Supplied with side carrying handles.

Cod. 370085-FOTOC
Dimension: 250Lx130Hx120P cm
Weight: about 67 kg 



It is placed in front of fallen athletes and medical staff to protect them during the rescue. The SPM Doctor is a high shock absorption mat, consisting of an absorbent foam inner layer and a fireproof PVC outer shell. Complete with two side handles for transportation. Can be ordered with an aramid fibre reinforced bottom.

Cod. 370080-DOC

Dimension: 100Lx70Hx30P cm
Weight 11 kg, with reinforcement

Cod. 370080-DOC2
DIimension: 100Lx70Hx30P cm 
Weight 10kg, without reinforcement


Energy absorber WEDGE-SHAPED MAT

A specially designed wedge-shaped mat manufactured in the same way as the Energy Absorber Type A model, to be positioned at the end or beginning of a row of Type A mattresses or to safely connect protected circuit areas with Type A mattresses with Type B/Type C. A fire retardant PVC outer covering provides the mattress with high shock absorption (performance comparable to an Air Pads mattress). Bi-directional side velcro flaps are provided to allow a perfect connection between several modules or mats.

Cod. 370089
Dimension: 150Lx130Hx130P cm
Weight: about 30 kg 


Specially designed in a wedge shape to be positioned at the end or beginning of a row of Air Pads or to safely connect areas of the circuit protected by Air Pads and Energy Absorber mats of different thicknesses. Made of electro-welded PVC material, it has two independent air chambers and safety valves. It has double Velcro or eyelet connections and a rear attachment system using an eyelet band.

Cod. 370310
Dimension: 200x130x130cm
Weight: 15 kg circa


TS10 mats are an innovative solution to guarantee high absorption capacity with reduced thickness: they have an internal structure made of 4 cm thick polyethene sheets and cylinders glued together. This allows twice the amount of kinetic energy to be dissipated with the same thickness compared to traditional material. The material used is light and water-repellent: it can be used in situations where there is high humidity.

Dimension: on request