Spare parts for slalom poles

Brush Grip Base

The patented Brush Grip Base it’s an innovative anchoring system that makes course setting faster and easier by eliminating the need to use a gate key: the plastic bristles that compose it, when pushed into the snow, deform and anchor themselves to the snow mantle, preventing the pole from coming out.

Thanks to the bristle anchoring system:

  • it’s not necessary to use a key to screw and unscrew the pole;
  • the pole is much lighter than the others;
  • guarantees maximum tightness

It is used in both fast and technical disciplines and it’s the preferred base of the numerous National Ski Teams that collaborate with SPM.

The short version allows tracing also in the case of the thin snowpack.

Available Models

33611 Brush Grip 33,5 cm
3362 Brush Grip Short 27,7 cm

Snow Grip Base

It completes the SPM offer by responding to the needs and preferences of ski clubs, coaches and organizing committees.
The short version allows tracing also in the case of the thin snowpack.


Available Models

3361 Snow Grip, 34 cm
3362 Snow Grip Short, 26 cm

Spare Parts

Spare or replacement shafts, caps, joints and mechanisms can be supplied separately.



33522 Metal joint Ø 30 mm
34022 Metal joint Ø 27 mm
3347 Plastic joint Ø 30 mm
340150 340120 Plastic joints with sheath Ø 27mm
340120 Plastic joint with sheath Ø 25mm


33421 Protective sleeve Ø 30 mm
33422 Protection sleeve Ø 27 mm


They differ in the type of tube, tip and diameter. Available upon request.

Hinge Tightener

Made of stainless steel, it permits adjusting the hinges that have become loose with time and numerous training sessions.

Composed by:

  • “size” part, with a fixed stop which restores the original draught
  • “free” part, with the possibility of increasing the draught


Available Model

33610 Hinge tightener