Ski alpine teaching tools

Real teching aids that allow the teacher to make the lesson less tiring and more fun!

The product offered for schools and ski instructors has developed in cooperation with the Italian National Alpine Ski Instructors FISI based on the Italian teaching method. Ski lessons are based on the development of skills in a gradual way and so are the SPM products. In our catalogue, appropriate teaching tools correspond to each level: KINDERGARTEN CATALOGUE


Perfect for teaching your child the correct ski positions. SPM teaching mats are lightweight and fully customisable with digital printing. The eyelets allow them to be anchored to the snow using fixing pegs. Size 0.9×5 m


Available models

33717-FP Teaching mat with digital print SKI PIZZA position and fox
33717-PAT Digital print educational mat with FRENCH FRIES position and marmot
33717-PATFP Teaching mat with digital print on PIZZA/FRENCH FRIES ski position and small dog

33717-SC Teaching mat with digital print SCALEposition and goat
33717-LP Teaching mat with digital print FISHBONE ski position and eagle

33717-AM Teaching mat with digital print MOTOR SKILLS and fawn
33726 Set of 8 plastic fixing pegs for attaching teaching mat to snow


Rectangular foam mattresses covered in heat-sealed PVC, customisable with double-sided digital printing. Supplied with a non-slip base and carrying handles.


Available models

3705-RET high wall, 150x90x30 cm 3705-RET2 low wall, 150x50x30 cm


All of the following products are used as turn signals inside the kindergartens or on the ski slope. They are characterised by their lightness, ease of installation and bright colours. For all slalom poles, children’s and adult lines, please visit the Slalom Poles section.


3371 FUNGO POLE  Perfect tool for coaches who want to signal obligatory passage points, it is also widely used for specific teaching exercises by ski schools. Made of a soft, accident-preventing material, it is highly visible thanks to its fluorescent colours. Colours: red, blue yellow, green, pink

Daisy, Heart, Shamrock pole

Made of waterproof TS10 covered in washable Lycra fabric, with PC pole and soft plastic fungus. Tube: Ø25 mm h. 83 cm.

337132-MAR DAISY POLE Available colours: white with yellow cup. green with fuchsia cup, yellow with red cup, blue with fuchsia cup, red with blue cup. Daisy: Ø53 cm
337132-CUO HEART POLE completely red. Dimension : 58 x 62cm
337132-MEL APPLE POLE Yellow apple with yellow cap. Dim. apple Ø56 cm
337132-TRI SHAMROCK POLE completely green.

Training Brush

33714 TRAINING BRUSH, Particularly useful for specific exercises on school grounds or for sign turning or passing points on a course and providing reference points in the open field. The brushes are easy to spot and do not represent an obstacle. Colours: orange, green, blue, red Models
33714 Standard size
33714-01 Short Training Brush


Used for training by kids and athletes of all levels, they are made of rubbery, flexible material that is durable and soft even at low temperatures. It folds easily on impact with the skier. Models
33712_35 Hero
33713_35 Hero Snow Grip
33713_35 BG Hero Brush Grip
Colours: red, blue, green, pink, violet


Fun games that make the instructor’s job easier and emotionally stimulate the child, facilitating the acquisition of the fundamental movements of skiing. With the teaching tools, the lesson is less repetitive and less tiring for both!

Available models

33719-BIRI Plastic cone, 30 cm high. Available colours: yellow, red and green
33719-CERC Flat plastic hoop, Ø 60 cm. Available colours: yellow, red, green and blue
33719-DADO Foam nut – side 16 cm – Colours available: yellow, red, green and blue

33719-PAGR Foam yellow ball. Diameter 20 cm
33719-PAPI Set 3 palline in spugna, diam. 7cm. Colore: 1 rossa, 1 gialla, 1 azzurra
3719-MAZHO Plastic hockey sticks. Colour: red or yellow
Steering Wheel soft with SPM logo, Ø 30 cm (33720-M) or 24 cm (33720-S)
33721 Snake made of lightweight, waterproof rope, with a snap hook at the ends. Length 10 m, diameter 44 m. Colour: orange

33715 Trascinabimbi device with handles and support rod. Length 160 cm, Ø 32 mm
33716 Manubrio device
33725 Ladder composed by two HDPE rope and 11 PC shaft. Adjustable distance between shafts. Dimensions: 800 x 185 cm
33719-BAST Playing stick approx. 129 cm long, Ø 25 mm – Colours: red, blue, yellow, green and black


Perfect for use as teaching aids or as an introduction to the snowpark, they are easy to transport and position. Supplied with pockets for Ø35 mm support poles and non-slip bottom material.


Tilting bridge consisting of a foam rubber wedge covered with heat-sealed PVC and a 5 mm thick PVC and Derlin-coated multilayer top surface. Velcro fastening between base and deck. Available models
33723 Hight bascule bridge, con base h. 22 cm
33723-S Small bascule bridge, con base h.17 cm


PVC-coated heat-sealed foam jump and 5mm thick Derlin sliding surface. Possible assembly with Velcro connection box. Models
33722 Hight jump, h. 32 cm
33722-S Small jump, h. 23 cm


Used product assembled with jumps in the relevant heights. Foam box covered in heat-sealed PVC and 5mm thick Derlin sliding surface.
33722CON-S Hight box, h. 32cm
33722CON-S Small basso, h. 23cm